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How to Improve Your Employability

Employability is a notion that encompasses so many different criteria that the meaning often becomes unclear. At the time of new laws on the professional future digitization, and in order to bounce back from the Covid-19 crisis, employability is more than ever about skills development and on-the-job training. In order to make it a win/win relationship, we must be able to keep the evidence. Would the solution be digital tools (birth of a CV 4.0?)

Daher Software Becomes Yelhow: Apps for the Shop Floor of the Future

Daher Software continues its mission under the name Yelhow! Our ambitions and values have not changed. Come and discover it with Baptiste, our CEO.

Skills and Versatility Matrix : 13 Quotes from the Shop Floor ( To Make You Smile)

Regarding our first mobile app (skills management, job training and versatility), we learned (or rather heard) a lot from the shop floor people. Discover it here !

Versatility Is the Key to the Industry of the Future: How and Why

What if the development of versatility was an appropriate response to the challenges posed by the industry of the future?

How Operational Staff Will Lead the Third Industrial Revolution

The Future of Industry : the 3rd industrial revolution is entering a second phase: it will now be driven by field operators and not by technologies. Discover more in our article !

Yelhow (Formerly Daher Software) Is Here for the Future of Industry!

Let the Yelhow adventure begin! We’ll use this first blog post to tell you about where we come from and where we’re headed.