What will be Alex’s new features in 2022?

2022 is going to be all about new features for Alex! We’re so excited to get it all out of the way! That’s why we decided to present you some of these features.

Alex promises you many new features in 2022. Every week, our direct exchanges with the operational staff allow us to obtain many suggestions and ideas for improvements. We have been building our solution with the field since the beginning.

That’s why we’ve decided to introduce you to some of these features below. We’re so excited to get this up and running!

Here’s a taste of the new 2022 features:

  • Plan your training budgets with dedicated KPIs 📊
  • Drive your goals by shift 📈
  • Simplify group training organization 🧑‍🏫
  • Set out training schedules and get a detailed overview of every worker’s journey 👷‍♀️👷‍♂️
  • The notifications feature is coming soon!  📲

Plan your training budgets with dedicated KPIs 📊

Forecast your budgets more easily with the arrival of the KPI feature

Alex gives you a real time view of the skill levels of the operational staff. But how to adapt the workload over the next few months and build your forecasted budget? 

Alex provides a 6-month comparative overview of planned, ongoing and overdue training sessions starting from the current month. At a glance, Alex shows you what needs to be done and allows you to anticipate the effort required. These KPIs can be the number of trainings but also the projected costs.  

So where to focus your efforts? 🧐

On the same tab, you can see the overall versatility of the site. By clicking on “more details”, you can immediately see on which units and shifts your versatility goals are not being met and how many training sessions are planned, in progress or overdue. This brings us directly to our next feature. 

Drive your goals by shift 📈

Set your goals with the shift goals feature.

Depending on the organization of each plant (3×8, 2×8), the production rates can be different between day and night and the objectives of versatility on a shift can vary.

A real headache. So, how do you ensure that the objectives are met?

In this case, Alex allows you to define shifts in each unit, then assign employees and finally indicate how many levels 3 and 4 are required on the job. This way, on the same shift, the objectives can be reached on one shift and not on another one. This shift-level view will allow you to target your training and recruitment efforts more accurately.

This will allow you to define future needs in real time! 

Simplify the organization of your group trainings 🧑‍🏫

Simply your trainings with this new feature!

Finding a time slot with team leaders for collective training, when they are often underwater, and then making sure that all participants will be present on the day is a headache for training managers and HR. 

With Alex, no more back and forth emails or phone calls. In one click, you create the group training and define who should attend. Alex automatically sends team leaders to different slots where they can free up their operators. Once you’ve chosen a time slot, all you have to do is schedule the training, and again Alex will send the date, time and location of the training to each participant.

At the start of the group training session, the trainer takes attendance on Alex, and is shown both present and absent employees, eliminating any training gaps.

Define specific training plans for each worker 👷‍♀️👷‍♂️

Training plan features as well as the employee’s path are coming to Alex!

The arrival of a new employee, their training, and the monitoring of his or her skills can be a real headache. Most of the time, training plans are not up-to-date and incomplete. Nobody follows up, and this is not a priority. The evidence is on paper and therefore the arrival and training information is often lost.

With Alex, you have access to the training plan of each worker. You can see the scheduled training courses, those to be acquired or renewed, those in progress, those completed with the name of the trainer and the associated proofs. 

The operator’s training history of each plan can be viewed in the career section of their profile.

The notification feature is getting richer! 📲

New notifications for every action!

When you’re in a hurry, it’s hard to make sure that everyone’s skills are valid, to launch a training session if necessary, or to check if the current training sessions are going as planned. 

Alex reminds you of the tasks you need to complete to meet your versatility goals. If you also use Alex on your cell phone, notifications are sent early in the morning to inform you of important events of the day (a tutorial is ending, a skill is about to expire, a group training is starting, an operator is on sick leave…).

And if you have an action to take, just click on the notification, and you are sent to the corresponding page in Alex to complete it

That’s it for today. We can’t wait to offer you these new features! Don’t worry; many other features are already in the works too. We will keep you updated!

✈️Here’s a little bonus info! Our solution is becoming more complete, but also more accessible. We will continue our international deployment with the translations of Alex in German and Spanish in order to deploy to a Mexican factory very soon.

Alex continues its internationalization!

Want to know more and be part of the digital revolution? Please feel free to request a demo!

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Thank you and Happy New Year.