Our History

Yelhow is a software publisher that provides off-the-shelf mobile and web applications to help shop floor workers in their day-to-day operations.

Yelhow is born from an initiative of the Daher industrial group and “CoreDaher,” an holding company of the Daher family. In 2019, aware of the manufacturing industries late start in adopting digitalization, Daher asked Baptiste Gendron to help design digital tools to increase the operational efficiency of workers on the shop floor.

Airbus, Renault, PSA, Safran… Daher opened all of its sites to us! The Yelhow team has benefitted from this international laboratory to design and test its solutions directly with the people that use them every day. Each week our prototypes are tested by these shop floor workers.


“Our goal is to democratize the world of industrial software. Ultimately, our apps are distributed on the app stores like general public apps, and at reasonable prices!

The operational staff test them and if they are useful to them, they are deployed throughout the factory.”

Baptiste Gendron, CEO & Founder of Yelhow


Plug & Play

One need = one app
Get started now!

Modular & Open-ended

Our applications are autonomous and complementary


This is standard, but we like to remind it.



Use your phone on the shop floor and continue on
your computer back in the office.


Intuitive and ready to use!

Easy To Use

Easy to download; no computer skills required!



In an ever-changing context, being able to respond quickly is fundamental for shop floor workers. Yelhow develops tools that help operational staff adapt quickly to the unexpected.


Choice and flexibility! The “top-down” software model is over. Yelhow offers off-the-shelf applications for shop floor workers to choose for themselves based on their needs. 


We believe in the effectiveness of our solutions, so there are no hidden implementation costs and updates are free. The number of users is unlimited and the price is calculated based on the number of workers managed in each solution. No surprises, with transparency!


Innovation, digital tools, user testimonials...

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