Skills and Versatility Matrix : 13 Quotes from the Shop Floor ( To Make You Smile)

It’s true that skills and versatility matrix are known for their usefulness and efficiency!

Over the past few days, we’ve taken some time to step back and reflect on the work we’ve done since we started. It has been very helpful to review our notes from our time in safety boots. 

In fact, we learned a lot about managing skills, versatility, and job training and how to apply it to mobile usage with the Alex app!

We also heard a few phrases that made us smile (and sometimes laugh)! Expressions that people on the shop floor uttered about the skills and versatility matrices at their companies.

So, we decided to be nice and share a small anthology of these quotes with you—13 to be exact:

1. The one who is in a hurry

Sorry I don’t have time right now. I have an audit tomorrow so I need to update the skills matrix.

2. The one who seeks help… in vain!

– Hello. I have two workers missing this morning, you don’t happen to have two available people who are jacks-of-all-trades by any chance, do you? 

– …. 

– Hello ?

3. The one who provided training… in vain!

– Wait, you’re telling me that I trained them at that workstation for three months and they’re leaving in two weeks?

– … 

– *#€&+!

4. The one who just doesn’t know anymore…

Who is qualified for this position again?

5. The one who brags…unconvincingly!

– We are absolutely on top of digital transformation and industry 4.0! 

– Great! So how do you manage skills and versatility at the workstation? 

– Um, well, in Excel.

6. The one who is tired of vacations!

Here we go again! Every vacation period we don’t have anyone qualified for this position.

7. The one who is an expert… in theory!

Identifying, developing and enhancing each team’s skills and versatility is a strategic issue. That’s why each manager has created their own Excel file.

8. The one who rubs salt in the wound!

– Who’s this? 

– Yeah, you don’t know him. He left two years ago. 

– Well, what’s he still doing in your versatility matrix? 

– Uh… you know, it’s in case he comes back…

9. The one who holds a grudge!

Their competency matrix is a dumpster fire. When I fill it out, I feel like the administrative staff.

10. The one who goes the extra mile… in vain!

Competencies are very well managed here. As far as proofs of skills are concerned, they are stored in the HR file. And the customer qualifications are stored in the quality file. Plus, I printed out all the training sheets and put them in the cabinet over there.

11. The one who honestly just does what everyone else does!

– We have a real-time, 360-degree overview of all our employees’ skills.

– Oh, great! So, for internal mobility, it must be easy to identify the right person for a position. How do you do it?

– We put up posters in the break rooms.

12. The one who is forced to learn over and over again…

Hold on, this is the fourth time I’ve validated this qualification this year!

13. The one who’s a little too happy about it!

“And once again, the versatility matrices are not up to date!”

[the auditor in the middle of the audit]

Have you ever said one of these phrases or heard them from your colleagues? Let us know on our LinkedIn page!

Want to make skills and versatility matrices easier? Help your company implement the Alex App.

An app by shop floor workers for shop floor workers! ????????‍♀️