Alex user feedback from a Quality Manager at Daher

The job of quality manager requires meticulousness and rigor. For this reason, Florian, quality manager for the Daher plant in Brais, Saint-Nazaire, which manufactures insulation mattresses for several Airbus aircrafts, chose to use Alex to facilitate his work and increase his productivity. Let’s discover all the reasons of his choice :

Can you introduce yourself ?

” Hello, I’m Florian. I am a quality manager for Daher at a manufacturing plant in Brais, located in Saint-Nazaire.”

What are you doing with Alex as a Quality Manager ?

“So I use Alex, to manage our site versatility. The tool is quite complete, and allows me to have a global vision of all the versatility of our production line. I am able to easily follow the team trainings in progress. Another strong advantage which is really important to me, is the archiving and access to all the proofs of skills, which are available within the tool.”

And before Alex ?

“Previously, before using Alex, I was using, like I think many people an EXCEL matrix with lots of rows and columns. It was very cumbersome and very tedious to update and it often had small weaknesses, like we were forgetting a lot of workers, and skills to renew.”

Why Alex ?

“This solution was presented to me following an exchange with my manager, which told me about some improvement we could have to manage our skills matrix. He told me about Alex, and immediately I raised my hand to be able to test this solution.”

Thank you very much to Florian Raffray for his testimony and to the whole Brais team for setting up Alex on their shop floor.

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