Alex user feedback from a Team Leader at Daher

Mégane Roussel, team leader at the Daher Brais site in Saint-Nazaire manages a team of 10 to 15 operators. She tells us today about the benefits of using Alex for her team on a daily basis. Read her testimony without further ado!

Can you introduce yourself ?

“My name is Mégane, I am a Team Leader at the Brais Daher site.”

How do you use Alex as a team leader ?

“With Alex, you can have an overview of all the girls in the team, to identify the amount of people that are trained on each workstation. To see, for example, if we need a minimum of 4 people in that workstation. To check if we are on track or not. It allows us to launch training and manage the follow-up, and to have a global overview on the workers’ skills.”

And before Alex ?

“Before, we were managing the versatility of the team with an Excel matrix. I have around 10 to 15 workers under my supervision. So it was super complicated to manage them with that file.”

What is the best thing about Alex ?

“The best benefit of the app is really the training aspect,
which allows us to follow-up closely, to see if we are on time or if we are late, if all the skills are up to date, if all the workers’ skills are validated and many more things.”

A big thanks to Mégane for sharing her feedback with us and thank you to the whole team in Brais for helping us to continually improve Alex.

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