Alex User Feedback from Novéal

Kévin Campagne, Production Manager at Novéal tells us about his experience with Alex. For him, Alex is a crucial visual tool that facilitates monitoring operator skills and training progress across production lines, offering immediate insights and preventing the loss or inadequate completion of skill evidence documents.

Can you introduce yourself?

“I’m Kévin Campagne, Production Manager responsible for a Production Unit at the Mourenx Novéal site, where we have two production units. Production Unit 2 with seven production lines and Production Unit 1 which comprises six production lines. We work for the L’Oréal Group.”

How is Alex useful to you?

“Alex allows us to see the versatility and the skills acquired by each operator on each of their production lines, allowing us to to know whether an operator has been trained on a line and can work in autonomy on each production line.

How do you manage the training?

“On Alex, operators can trigger a training request themselves, we then validate each request individually. We can also directly start a training or an on-job-training  for an operator. depending on the required versatility on each of our production lines.

How was it before Alex?

“Worker skills and versatility were managed before Alex via Excel files and paper files and a certain number of paper files were sometimes lost, misplaced or not completely filled in. Today, Alex enables us to have a regular follow-up and a good monitoring of the progress of our training courses.

How did you discover Alex?

“Alex is a tool that was suggested and presented to me by the group’s HR department.”

What is the best benefit?

“The best thing about Alex is first of all, a tool that’s very visual so we can quickly see the information we’re looking for. Then, we’ve limited paper management, so we have much less environmental impact, since we use much less paper and finally, we have an immediate view of our status of training and team versatility.

The implementation of Alex?

“At Novéal, we went through a number of stages, first of all we worked in collaboration with our production managers, HR, who introduced us to the tool and Yelhow, who also presented it to us. Yelhow helped us at several stages to get to know the tool to learn about the tool, how to use it and how to master it, and then we gave several training sessions to the various team leaders so that they could get to grips with the tool. We then supported them to become autonomous users.

Autonomous for the future?

“Today I feel completely autonomous with the tool and I am in the process of helping the operational staff so that they can properly use Alex for their future trainings.

We would like to thank Kévin Campagne, and the whole team at Novéal for all of the feedback that help us continuously improve Alex!

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