Daher Software Becomes Yelhow: Apps for the Shop Floor of the Future

Discover the news about Yelhow with Baptiste, our CEO.

We are excited to share that big changes are happening at Daher Software, starting with our new name: Yelhow!

Our new logo !

Why Yelhow?

The shop floor people
  • Reminiscent of the colour yellow, which is ubiquitous in factories, on safety strips, helmets, etc. We chose a colour that speaks to people on the shop floor! “Yelhow” is built to work hard for you every day, so we wanted our app to blend into your world!
  • A play on the phrase “Yell how“. “Yelhow” apps eliminate the need to shout on the floor because you’ll have the tools with which to be easily heard. For example, an operator can comment on the Methods Department instruction sheets as easily as writing a WhatsApp message. Or they can take a picture of an issue and ask their boss for advice in real-time. Or even indicate their absence directly through the mobile app!

A Strong Synergy with the Industry

Our partner, Daher
  • A strategic partnership with Daher authorizes Yelhow to access over 100 industrial sites worldwide. This allows us to study operational needs and co-design our solutions with you, the people on the shop floor!
  • Additionally, the great strength of this partnership is that Daher operates factories in its own name but also for major industrial companies in the aeronautics, automotive and nuclear sectors (Airbus, Renault, EDF, etc.). Therefore, we have a laboratory that is representative of the manufacturing industry in the broadest sense.
  • Yelhow wants your help! We want to build apps designed by you, for you. If you want to share your operational needs and take part in the development of apps that will help you in your daily life, contact us to participate.

Yelhow’s First App: Alex

Our first app, Alex

You may not have heard of Yelhow yet, but you may have already come across Alex

Alex is the first mobile and web-based operational skills management app that allows Production, Quality Assurance and Human Resources to collaborate:

  • Team leaders are automatically notified when their team members’ skills need to be renewed
  • When there’s a rush or an absence, Production Managers can easily find other employees with the required skills to help out
  • The Quality Assurance department has access to an up-to-date skill and versatility matrix, ready for audits
  • Operators have a record of their training courses and skills. They also get reminders on their cell phones of upcoming training
  • Trainers and mentors can download attendance sheets and proofs of training directly from their mobile device
  • The HR department can interact with the shop floor to plan training and monitor key competency objectives at the site level
Quick overview of the app

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And to celebrate, we’re back on social media too. See you on the shop floor!

Baptiste Gendron
CEO & Co-Founder