Alex user feedback from a Production Manager

Alexandre is the logistics & production manager at APERAM. The company manufactures magnetic components for the automotive industry. Alexandre tells us today about his experience with Alex and the gains (especially in time and productivity) that the app has brought him and his team.

Can you introduce yourself?

“Hello, I am Alexandre, I work for APERAM. We are manufacturing small magnetic components. I am a production and logistics managers here.”

How do you use Alex as a Production Manager?

“We started using this application Alex, an application that can be used on the internet, via the computers, but also on mobile. Therefore, this makes us much faster and much more flexible when updating data. We are on the floor, We can make our training request directly on the phone in the factory. The request is automatically sent and updated on the application, and searchable, via for the team leader and the production manager behind his computer. There is a huge time saving factor, the display and reading are simple. Updating doesn’t depend on Excel skills or complicated macro runs, which are not given for all employees & managers.”

And before Alex ?

“We were working and are still working a little bit with the Excel tool. The famous Excel tool, very classic, very heavy to manage, with the risk of having updates not done in due time for audits, or on a daily basis. And therefore we are out of step with the reality.”

Why Alex ?

“We found it on the web. My quality manager, and myself were encountering great difficulties, I would say, to have quick factory updates. Fluidity in the display of the level of our workers, their level of versatility within the factory, their skills.”

What did you gain with Alex ?

“We’ve gained in flexibility, updating and maintenance over time. Our employees are happy to see this application and to see their levels displayed day by day and in synch with reality on the shop floor.”

Thanks to Alexandre for his time and to the whole Aperam team with whom we hope to work for many more years.

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