Alex User Feedback from a training manager at Daher for Airbus

In North America, in the city of Mobile, Alabama, Jordan Haynes, training manager at Daher Aerospace on the Airbus assembly lines, shares his experience with Alex. Being responsible for overseeing the training of just over 100 people with an ever growing workforce, Alex is a “godsend” for Jordan. This is what we will discover in this article.

Can you introduce yourself?

“Jordan Haynes, I am the training manager, here at Daher Aerospace Incorporated. Our location is in North America, in Mobile, Alabama. And currently, I’m in charge of overseeing the training of a hundred and four people and still rising. We’re still bringing people in.”

How do you use Alex as a training manager ?

“There are many things that I do love about Alex.

I love the fact, first and foremost, that if you have a training that has an expiration date or a refresh date, Alex will actually alert you with a notification to show that this person is coming up on their expiration date.You can also go into Alex and if something has an expiration date, you can set the expiration time and set the timer to let you know whenever that expiration date is going to be coming up. So whether you want to know the day before or three months before, Alex gives you the ability to do that.

Another thing I like about Alex is its user-friendliness. Anybody can really download the app on their phone and navigate it with minimal effort. It’s very very self-explanatory. And I’ve heard nothing but good things coming back from our shop floor with our mentors and our supervisor saying that it’s a great tool.”

What was it like before Alex ?

“Before Alex was brought into the plant I was managing all the skills of our employees with an Excel file that was already there when I started. It was ok, it gave us an overview of our processes, but it was not as specific as I would have liked. So when Alex was introduced to me, I immediately thought it was going to be great for us. As soon as the concept of Alex was explained to me, I knew that it would be something I would use for years to come with the company. I knew it would be a very effective tool.

What is Alex's best feature?

“Another great feature of this tool is that whatever the training and associated skill is, you can also attach a document or PDF for that training regarding that skill. So whenever anybody from our shop floor is looking for a training and the associated documentation, it is readily available right there and downloadable straight to their computer and to their phone, but also printable. This allows us to move forward and complete them as soon as possible.”

A word to the wise ?

“I just want to tell everybody how good of a tool Alex is. It definitely has been a godsend to me and our company. It has definitely gotten our trainings to a place where everybody feels more involved and everybody’s feeling a lot more confident with it.”

Thanks to Jordan and the entire Daher Aerospace team for making Alex’s first successful implementation in the USA possible!

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