Yelhow (Formerly Daher Software) Is Here for the Future of Industry!

Let the Yelhow adventure begin! We’ll use this first blog post to tell you about where we come from and where we’re headed.

Born from Two Distinct Observations ????️‍♂️

  • First, digital transformation is discussed at all levels of industry, but as soon as you put on your protective footwear and go out in the field, you still see people working with paper and Excel files…

Industry 4.0 when…

  • Second, the experience of mobile, user-based apps and software in everyday life is completely out of sync with the day-to-day experience in factories, construction sites, logistics platforms, etc. Plus, let’s face it: industrial software is ugly, complicated, and requires training (have you ever needed to be trained to use an app on your cell phone?).

Life when …

We have developed a vision for the future based on these observations and on numerous discussions with operational staff, site managers, operations managers, workshop managers, APU managers, team leaders, HSE managers, Quality Assurance and HR managers.

And after working with these passionate people, we’re more convinced than ever that we must give more autonomy and power to the shop floor! Workers should get to choose the digital tools they need. We’re sure they’ll be the leaders of digital transformation either way…

(Re)Empowering Shop Floor Workers ????‍♀️????‍♂️

In our opinion, workers on the shop floor will reclaim power by choosing the digital tools that best meet their needs. This is because they are the ones who do and are therefore the ones who know (makes sense, right?).

Discovery of one of DAHER site in Queretaro, Mexique.

Our vision is based on three main themes (a.k.a. Yelhow’s DNA):

  • Agility
  • Freedom
  • Cost Transparency

Agility: Enabling Operational Staff to Adapt Quickly

Operational staff on the shop floor today are increasingly faced with juggling rapid reconfigurations while remaining agile, responsive, and on the move. This is because of several factors. First, that’s what customers (consumers) ask of manufacturers and what manufacturers demand from their service providers and suppliers. Second, because in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, agility is no longer a competitive advantage, but a matter of survival!

Therefore, shop floor workers should be equipped with tools that enable them to more easily adapt to any situation.

Freedom: (Re)Giving Workers the Autonomy to Choose

Our factories, our construction sites, and our warehouses are filled with intelligent women and men who are stuck with the tools chosen for them by management. Freedom means relying on the intelligence of workers on the shop floor! They know operational problems best and they know how to choose the tools that they like and that best meet their needs. They are in the best position to identify the tools that free them from low value-added tasks! And if they can use tools that accomplish all this, they can focus on what matters: the product or service you deliver. 

Therefore, shop floor workers should be equipped with tools that serve them (and not the other way around).

Cost Transparency

The best cost is obviously the lowest cost because competition is fierce for industrial and service companies.

But, the ideal cost is above all TRANSPARENT. That is to say, a price that is simple to understand, predictable, and without surprises (for both recurring AND project costs). Because we’re all familiar with IT projects that get out of hand, right? 

Democratizing Industrial Software ????

With our vision, we have set ourselves the goal of democratizing industrial software. That is to say, to develop products designed by and for operational people, distributed directly to the shop floor! All this with a user experience comparable to the standards of consumer apps.

The main goal is that “using digital tools in the industry is EASY”.

Field-Tested Tools

The concept for our mobile applications do not come from a conference room; they come from the field. They are developed, tested and approved by those who use them.

Our product development laboratory? More than 100 Daher industrial and logistics sites and our community of SMEs and SMBs. We develop our products with these partners to make them relevant to everyone.

SMEs and SMBs as Leaders ????

Because small and mid-size organizations need to be agile and flexible, they are in the best position to make digital tools a major part of their transformation towards Industry 4.0.

So, how does Yelhow help?

Yelhow Develops Software

Plug and Play ????

Easy to download and use.

Modular and Open-Ended ????

Powerful on their own, even better together!

Secure and of High-Quality ????

This is standard, but we like to remind you.

Yelhow Develops Mobile and Web-based Apps

Mobile ????

The user experience of consumer apps at work!

Simple ????

Intuitive, easy to install and use.

User-Friendly ????????

No need for IT support, no installation costs.

Yelhow is undoubtably:

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Yelhow’s Alex: the first mobile app designed to help manage your team’s skills and versatility!

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