Alex user feedback from a Logistics Operations Manager

Frédéric Loth tells us about his experience with the digital collaborative tool Alex. Frédéric is the Operations Manager at Logistics Operations which is an initiative from Daher for the Airbus Aerocentre in Toulouse. For him, no more need for Excel spreadsheets, Alex is an all-in-one solution.

Can you introduce yourself ?

“Hello, I am Frédéric Loth, the Operations Manager for Logistics Operations, which is a subsidiary of Daher for the Airbus division in Toulouse.”

How do you use Alex as an Operations Manager ?

“Today, it’s an all in one tool developed for phones and PCs, used on our logistics floor.
The workers have access at any time to their level of skills. The team leader is able to launch the trainings, we validate it directly, we get alerts on our authorizations and the management of our skills and especially on our versatility.”

What was it like before Alex ?

“Until now our skills and our versatility were managed through spreadsheets, in a classical and completely decorrelated way. The training requests were done by mail and the follow-up of authorizations also managed by spreadsheets. Our activities are quite demanding, We need to have qualified staff and regularly measured.”

Why Alex ?

“Some time ago, we were asked by Yelhow teams to collect field inputs, when they were developing the Alex app. And I must admit I was curious to see what the tool had become. We got in touch again, we never really lost touch, and today we are working with the Alex app on our floor with our workers.”

What did you gain with Alex ?

“The positive outcomes is that, we now have, an all-in-one tool where we can manage our skills, our trainings, our alerts, our tracking and at a one glance, we have immediate access to all our versatility level, and all the skills on our site. And we also manage to make more attractive and involve all the operators in the quality aspect of the site and make it a little bit more “Sexy”. And for our workers today, having a really close and efficient follow-up of skills and authorizations.”

Thanks to Frédéric Loth and his teams for all their feedback to continually improve Alex.

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